My name is Alex
and I am

Since January 1, 2022 I started making podcasts.

I make my own shows ...

The first 10 years (coming soon)

...and for customers


In 2009 I founded

a cheerful digital communication agency that now helps companies worldwide communicate with employees more easily and to make this measurable.

I told the first 500 stories in text, images and literally with my own voice.


I then expanded the company with my partner to 35 people in the Netherlands and Germany. At that time I was more focused on management and growing the organization.

After 13 years, however, I decided to hand over my management duties and make things myself again.

I have a passion for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs, that’s what my stories are about.

Not only can I talk about this as an interviewer, but also as a fellow entrepreneur who has experienced various challenges.

Production Process


Everything starts with an hour of talking about your goals and the context.

What do you want to achieve? Who is the target audience? What exactly do you want to communicate? How does this fit within your broader communication plan?

Concept: the podcast pitch

As soon as you have the above clear, I will convert it all into a Podcast pitch. This is a 1 minute script that summarizes what we will be talking about in the show.

Pre-Production: Research

Before we dive straight into production, I do a short conversation with the interview partners. This gives me a clear idea of what really interesting topics can be. In addition, I do my own research on the subject on the internet and read any materials. I then convert this into questions, where necessary I send questions in advance to the interviewed people.


Then we can get started. Everyone joins me at my office and we turn on the microphones. This takes about 45-60 minutes. This gives us enough material to make a nice episode.


Once everything is ready and nicely recorded, we will start editing. I add an introduction to the story and add music to the interview to finish it off nicely. I’m also announcing the next episode in advance, which is so handy.


Finally, I set everything up so that it can be easily shared. Initially, my preference is always Spotify because it is the easiest to access. Otherwise it is also possible to use Youtube, Soundcloud or other channels.

Do you want to give the podcast an extra boost? Have a teaser made or have the entire podcast recorded as a video. 

You will then also receive all files as MP3 and WAV files.


We look back at your experience per episode and see what we can improve in the next show or episode.


I have 3 different Packages for the interviews.

Prices are based on recording time of up to 90 minutes and episodes of approximately 20-40 minutes.



Single episode | 20 hours


Package | 60 hours



Package | 240 hours


The package always includes the following:

• Concept development
• Audio equipment
• Preparation (pre-interview)
• Recording of the episode at my location in Rotterdam
• Using default Mister Awesome music
• 1 minute Teaser of the show
• 1 round of feedback on the rough edit (if things need to be removed)


podcast uploading

get your podcast uploaded on paid platforms like Spotify

video Teaser

get a short video teaser for Linkedin

video Podcast

Get the entire podcast as video

Background Music

Get Custom music for all your episodes

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