Life after Startup – startup founders can’t get sick


It’s Monday and by now the very annoying flu I have had over the entire weekend should have been over, but guess what, it isn’t… crap.

I try to stand up and make my way to the couch at least, but my head starts spinning the moment I get up.

So with some resentment I make my way back to bed and write a message to my intern:

“Yo, sorry, gotta stay home today, still not feeling better”

She replies:

“Yeah I also got sick this weekend”

“Damnit” I think.

By Friday I need to leave for our event in Austin and 10 days after our event on Monday we have the next one in Switzerland.

I cannot afford being sick right now. There is no backup, no team yet with clear protocol and nobody else that can do the job for us.

So we prioritize the most important items for this week and just work a bit from our respective homes.

Also my wife decided to stuff me with vitamins and ginger shots over the week and by Friday I manage to stand up straight without falling over.

Good enough for me.

Building a plane while it’s flying

That magic moment where the company is not dependent on you anymore, takes a while.

In the beginning, hiring more people, be it interns, full time employees or freelancers can be a way to remove some tedious tasks.

However in the beginning building a team is an additional task next to the operational activities that you already have on your plate.

Basically it’s like building a plane while it’s already flying.

The magic moment of acceleration

I can feel it hanging in the air though. As slowly our team will expand (and boy will it expand in April) we are slowly getting to that moment where as a startup we will suddenly shift from first to second gear.

Where all the tasks, responsibilities and routines are falling into place and I can grab the clutch of the company and feel the acceleration.

This will also mean more focus for me. I can finally focus on our service and it’s product market fit to the fullest.

And hopefully by this time next year, I can get sick like a regular person.

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